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VHD-M380 Suspended ceiling microphone

Full-duplex digital audio

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·Omnidirectional, full function.

With 360° pickup range, star microphone array, wide-range frequency response, supports dual mode 

(digital, analog)output.

·Intelligent voice tracking

Auto focus on the current speaker without human intervention, clear voice, low noise.

·Large pickup area

Pickup covers an area of 60 square meters, three times bigger than similar products.

·Beautiful and high efficient

Electronic devices can be hidden in the ceiling, far away from the floor and desktop, more simple, 

beautiful and efficient.

·Perfect voice quality

Depend ceiling mount, optimize the audio acquisition, real voice to show.

Application characteristics

· Installation is simple and flexible

· Concealed design

· Built-in three microphone components to support 360-degree pickup

Characteristics and advantages

· Support for stereo audio

· Support for digital, analog dual-mode

· Supports multiple microphone arrays

· 60 square feet of free to deal with the room, three times larger than similar one-way products

· Electronic equipment is hidden in the ceiling, away from the floor and the desktop, so that the room is more flexible

· Directly connected to the interactive teaching system

Audio function

· Dynamic microphone orientation recognition

· Full-duplex digital audio

· Instant adaptation to echo cancellation

· Automatic Noise Suppression (ANS)

· Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

· 360-degree suspension of the microphone array pickup, without physical intervention can focus on the current speaker, so as to bring a better cloud classroom audio experience.

Transducer Principle

Back Electret Condenser

Directivity Characteristic


Pickup Distance

radius: 6m

Frequency Response

40Hz ~ 20KHz


-38dB ± 2dB (0dB = 1V / Pa at 1KHz)

Output Impedance

500Ω ± 30% (at 1kHz)

Equivalent Noise Level

13dB A (IEC 581-5)

Max. Input SPL

132dB (THD 1.0 at 1kHz)

Max Cascade Number on Single Group 








Analog Audio Output


Digital Audio Output


Input/Output Interface

Micphone Interface

6 pin XLR jack, for spicial micphone

System Lamp

Red light: system initializing

Green light: clock synchronizing

Green flash: working

Uplink Digital Interface

RJ45: for power input, audio transfer

Downlink Digital Interface

RJ45: for power supply, audio transfer

Analog Interface

RJ45: connect front special box (DAB10), for power input, audio transfer

Dip switch

SW1: M: Master mode, S: Slave mode

SW2: D: Digital mode, A: Analog mode

Generic Specification

Input Voltage

PoE 48V

Current Consumption


Operating Temperature

-5°C ~ 40°C

Storage Temperature

-20°C ~ 60°C

Power Consumption



127mm x 110mm x 33mm